Our own portfolio, held for investment, is comprised of multi-asset holdings with geographical diversification including Hawaii, California and Arizona, among others.

Our specialization, however, is in the area of the creation of the ground lease structure. Based on fifteen years experience in the syndication of assets with stabilized cash-flow to retail investors, primarily in retail, office and hospitality assets, Geyser Holdings is uniquely positioned to create ground lease structures (through the bifurcation of the fee simple and leasehold interests) and sell the resultant leasehold to the market. This results in a significant amount of downside protection for the holder of the ground lease.

We have been uniquely positioned to create ground lease structures through the bifurcation of the fee simple and leasehold interests of commercial real estate assets.
— Steve Willison - Chief Investment Officer

Bifurcation is the segmentation of a quality, credit tenant income producing property into separate fee-simple and leasehold interests, each with their own quality income stream. The key benefit of the bifurcation structure is such that it creates a ground lease with very strong real estate fundamentals: cash flow and safety. The resulting leasehold interest is sold into the market through Geyser's existing distribution channels at an attractive rate for investors. For the Company's ground lease program, management target acquisitions of commercial properties with seasoned cash flow attributes, including a balanced level of credit tenancies and/or proven operating expertise.